Sunday, November 1, 2020

Duck hunt with Jadon and Trav

Blackwater.  October 28.  Lots of birds flying.  Shot 6 hens right away.  Had to pick out drakes.  Ended up with 11 birds.  Lots of migrating geese.  Lots of swans.  Also redheads, ringers and 1 woodie.  Also 1 black duck.

Pheasant hunt

20 Birds with Jadon, the McNeils and Susie.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Fall trails

Had some time to explore some new area.

Josie Summer ball

Josie been playing Summer ball on the 5th grade team.  (She's going in to 4th).  Holding her own.


Tom looked for opportunities to share joy with others.  He saw good in everyone.  

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Late May fishing


Trip to the river Thursday May line cast as my ignition switch was faulty.  Had to take flywheel cover off and pull start.  Talked with guy who fishes alot and he said all he uses is cranks.  Levels seemed ideal..very bummed we could not fish though reports were no walleye from passing boats. 

May 15: Phil's childhood lake produced 3 eyes in the 14-16" range.  Off the point on the spot.  13' of water. 

May 23: Seis mille: 6 little walleyes on NW side of lake.  Some reports of bigger fish, but none for us. 

May 23rd evening:  Fish Phil's childhood lake.  Phil was one the point with his dad James.   They did better than us.  We caught one @ 15.5".  They probably got 6 eyes, 3 of which were over 22".  14' of water.  Being on the point seemed critical.

May 25th: Went to Ron and Paula's lake.  Reports of the day before included fast and furious bite on break at 13' right out in front of Ron's place.  We got there at 400 pm the next day, struggled with wife and kids, but Julianne caught her first walleye.  Then we got rained out.

May 27th: My home town lake on North end.  Lilacs in full bloom.  Crappies sitting on beds, some sitting near dropped kinda like they're staging up.  John Watkins and I caught 20 in the 9-11" range. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Home Schooling 2020

 Day trip to The Lost 40 for Mother's Day

 Succer spearing was kind of a bust.  Went three times too early and one time too late.  Speared a few on the Deer at our property.