Saturday, March 2, 2019

Catching up with some photos since Deer Hunting

Campfire on the Deer River

 Beastie Boy

 Kid's Cave

 Josie after long day at LOTW with Morrisons

Brought back 12 or so eyes from LOTW.  Went out of Dale's Resort right by Arnesens.  About 3 miles out.  Caught 4 eyes between 18 and 22, buncha little sauger and Mark's first pout. 

Jose during a basketball game 

Red fox.  Trapper friend saw this photo and told me never to hold by the tail. 

Sausage love.  80 lbs of sausage i think. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Rifle Season 2018

Jadon and I hunted the first weekend at BC.  Had some shooting that first morning that was close.  Maybe that was our buck.  Only thing we saw that opening weekend was a tail running north of Dan's swamp through the poplar.  Found some sign in that area that would be a good place to look for bucks in the future.  Hunted the 2nd Saturday and don't think I saw anything.  There was no one in the woods that 2nd Saturday and hardly any shooting.  Found two old portables that hadn't been used in years, one a climber.  They were located on the north central area of the 40 that we hunt.  Second Monday of season about 8:15 was having snack in the stand (peanuts) and buck appeared about 80 yards straight out north of me, came from the swamp, same place as Rick's 10.  With NW wind was sure it wouldn't wind me.  But it was wary of something.  Took off to the SW.  Stopped and gave me broadside shot through thick.  Didn't think I hit it.  Moments later doe and fawn appear.  Shoot doe.  Get down from stand and see I hit buck with a good shot.  Jadon shoots huge doe (estimated 140) at the J&N A plantation on last day of season.

Made 50 lbs of sausage with seasoning from S&S.  Added 5lbs of high temp cheddar per 25 lbs of ground meat (30%ish pork).  Made a bunch of plain ground burger and alot of roasts/steaks.  60 lbs of grinder sausage meat yeilded approximately 180 good size sausage links (brat & breakfast).  Really good stuff.  Next time, cut back on cheese % by 50%.  Also, freeze extra casings as the will not keep in the fridge.  Also, remember to add nitrate pack to anything that will be smoked (as smoking process inhibits bacteria growth [exposed to certain temp for certain time]).

All in all, a fun season with good results from BC for 15 straight years.

Buck above appeared to be bigger than a fork.  Comparing it to the last 3 bucks we've shot there (7,8,8) it is a much wider rack.

 Jadon's doe above.  Estimated 140 lbs.
 30.06 hit this twig above.  About 5 yards in front of buck.  Below is the blood trail.  Hit deer in lower half of heart.  Rand about 85 yards.  Same as last year. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

LOTW 2018

Birch Point.  Awesome campsite.  Arrived to strong wind/rain in big lake.  No fishing.  Day 2 went to Moose lake in afternoon caught 8 kept 3, Jadon caught a 23.  Day 3 kept a nice limit including Josie's first walleye.  Day four caught three small fish.  Fishing below average.  Canp site really fun.  Kids had alot of fun.  Moose lake nice weather escape option.  Spinners on Moose by inlet.  Cranks on big lake in 6'.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Muddy river eyes

25, 23.5, 21, 21...missed a couple.  Lots of small pike.  River so low the honey hole held no fish.  Water surprisingly warm for May 28.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spring Eyes

First four fish: 23 (my first cast), 23, 26, 20.5.  Ended with 8 fish off high producing Rocky point straight across from access bay.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Opener 2018

Saw walleyes in lake probably post spawn but boated none.