Monday, November 13, 2017

Deer Processing 2017

2 Deer
All sausage mixed with 30% pork

25 lbs Italian sausage
12.5 breakfast sausage links
12.5 breakfast sausage patties
12.5 sticks
12.5 straight ground for burger

Used pre mixed sausage cures from ???
Used casing from S&S which were the best casings we've ever used finsausage and sticks. 

Got alot if roasts as well as steaks.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Deer hunting '17

Jadon and Rick no deer opening morning, they watched a couple does.  Opening afternoon I was only one to hunt, sitting in West stand on oak hill.  Deer moved in between two stands.  Had Jadon been sitting it would have been an easy shot for him. Deer moved through heavy cover 150 yds away.  30-06 impressed with a shot to the heart.  Deer ran 85 yds with and exploded heart.  Blood trail was crazy.  Turned out to be a small 8, very similar to the 7 and 8 we shot last year. 

First Sunday morning Rick gets a lifetime deer.  Approached West stand and offered up a decent shot.  Hit it in the lungs.  Congrats Rick on a very nice 10 pt buck.

Late morning offered a doe for Grandma Lin 100 yds from West stand. 

Sunday afternoon Jadon sitting in West stand for 30 mins and has a nice doe come in and Jadon makes easy shot.  Watching Jadon gut his first deer was fun. 

Three hunts, four deer.  One amazing buck and one respectable buck.  Feeling blessed with a good hunt and venison in the freezer. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

Duck Hunting Early Season '17

Goose hunted little white oak on early goose.  Got skunked.

Opening day on the Deer River.  Worked out some kinks with both guns.  One duck, not as much coming in from the big lake as expected. 

Jadon and Nash second Saturday up by Inger.  Drake Woodie, 2 ringbills. 

Jadon and I hunted west side of white oak on second Sunday.  Rainy weather, SW wind.  Entered on river.  Water low, hard to put in on the backwater.  Shot a merg, pintail hen, blue wing tail and 30 coots.  Sunny did awesome. 

BC and I on Thursday October 5th on little white oak west side with light west wind.  Breaking in duck boat with blind and 9.9 Johnson.  Lots of ducks flying.  Not many coming in.  3 Woodies, 2 ringers. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bass Lake

1 hour, 7 big sunnies.  Shane and Josie caught them all.  Shane had rod almost ripped out of his hands.  8 feet of water on southern basin in the east side.  430 pm overcast. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Meche in August

July 31st hit the river at about 630 pm.  Lots of poison ivy at landing.   River low, definitely could not get boat up to were we put in.  No fish caught at honey hole that nite.  Proceeded to snag hole where we set up camp.  Realized this would be a great place for duck camp as well as there are two nice backwaters very close.  Caught 3 eyes that nite, biggest about 15".   Also snorkelled and saw many walleyes chilling, could not hook them. Nice camp site.  Nite brought many sounds including a pissed off beaver.  Morning 5 am caught no fish out front.  Snorkel gear revealed there were many fish though.  Walleyes mixed with red horse and occasional white succer and pike sprinkled in.  Next day brought 10 walleyes all good size biggest two being 22.5 and 23.  Awesome day.  Caught a couple nice ones in the swimming hole for the first time.  No fish caught or even seen on sand S corner.  Lots of fish at high bank.  Great trip should span it across a few more days.